Does Living Healthy Save You Money

expensive-healthy-eating-400x400Does being in good Health or Living Healthy save you money in the long run? In a 2013 Duke study, researchers tracked health care spending by body mass index levels. The average annual cost for a person with a low BMI of 19 was $2,541. With a BMI of 25—considered overweight—it was $2,893. At a BMI of 33, what’s deemed obese, the costs topped $3,439. “The risk of illness starts increasing already from the lower end of “normal weight,” says lead researcher Truls Ostbye.

And the money train does not end at the doctor’s office. A 2010 McKinsey study estimated that obese Americans spend about $30 billion extra on clothes. A 40-year-old obese woman will pay twice as much for life insurance, says Byron Udell, CEO of insurance comparison site Even insurance companies do not want to risk there money on obese individuals.

So in conclusion being healthy does save you a lot of cash in the end. You pay less for clothes and you eat a lot less so you spend less on all those un-healthy snacks. So the myth that living and eating healthy is expensive is not necessarily true at all. Living healthy is full of Rewards and could extend your life. A 2014 study in the journal Obesity examined the cost-effectiveness of weight-loss and meal-replacement programs and medications and voted them most cost efficient. So what are you waiting for go out and start living a better life today. Visit  to get a free nutrition coach and view there Awesome products.